Amla Whole

Missing that ‘Amle ka Murabba’ that you used to munch on in your childhood? In today’s fast-moving world, we hardly have any time for buying amla and storing them for making murabba. That’s why consider buying frozen amla whole from Ganpati Food Processors in India.

Frozen Alphonso Mango Slices

Make your fruit salads interesting in the winters as well, now Ganpati Food Processors bring you fresh alphonso mango slices, with the preserved freshness of the Indian farms. Experience the creaminess of these mango slices from different packaging options available online. You can use these slices as whole to add structure to your plain shakes, rabri dishes, and much more.

Frozen Anjeer Slice

Thinking about making a rajwadi ice-cream platter full of whole dry fruits? Well, it’s incomplete without anjeer slices. Well, don’t forget, slicing anjeers is a task no one wants to do. That’s why we bring you freshly sliced anjeer in frozen packaging. Now order frozen anjeer slices, and enjoy your kulfis at home.

Frozen Chikoo Slices (Sapota)

Have you ever tasted a Chikoo in the off-season? We bet you haven’t…!! Order Ganpati Food Processor’s authentic Chikoo slices, and complete your fruit salad for the day. You can also use the fresh slices in your cakes, mousses, and to plate the homemade kulfis. We pick our Chikoo stock from local farmers, who grow it with utmost diligence.

Frozen Jamun Slices

Looking for a fresh fruitful taste in your desserts even when the Jamun’s season is far gone. Don’t worry, Ganpati Food Processors are here for you. Get the best Jamun slices from our freshest stocks and make your desserts tangier and fun.

Frozen Kesar Mango Slices

Kulfis are only fun in authentic Indian flavours. If you don’t happen to have tasted the rich Kesar mango kulfi, then it’s about time that you try them now. Order fresh Kesar mango slices online from us, and get the happiness delivered to your home. Now, everyone can enjoy fresh farm-like Kesar mango slices, irrespective of where they live, what season is it, and if the grocery shops are selling mangoes or not.

Frozen Kiwi Slices

Kiwis are full of flavour as well as healthy nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folates, and potassium. Get your dose of nutrition with frozen kiwi slices that are ready to use. Just take out the package from your freezer and savour the delicious tangy tasting fruit. Order fresh kiwi slices online and get assured quality products.

Frozen Litchi Slice

Fruit salads will always be incomplete without lychee. To get fruit like lychee at your local vendor’s shop shouldn’t be that difficult. But peeling the fruit, and slicing it in small bits is one hell of a job which we don’t want you to do. That’s why order frozen lychee slices online, and enjoy a fruit salad full of flavours and variety.

Frozen Mango Cubes (Dices)

Couldn’t get the perfectly ripe mangoes to make your fruit raita and salad perfectly balanced for sweet and tangy? Purchase mango cubes online through Ganpati Food Processors and enjoy your dishes with the tanginess of ripe mangoes. Get these perfectly chopped cubes, and increase the aesthetics of your platter.

Frozen Orange Grain

Nowadays most people fancy orange popsicle that they enjoyed in their childhood. But would we go out of the way and buy an orange popsicle by the roadside now? Hygiene is a prominent issue for most of us now. Just like the popsicle, you can also make smoothies, shakes, and other drinks with our ready to use frozen orange grain online. Order today…!!

Frozen Papaya Dices

Papaya cubes are instrumental in keeping heart diseases at bay, in addition to that this amazing fruit also promotes healthy blood flow in the arteries. Add it to your salad daily, and experience vital rejuvenation. But how would you get Papaya slices ready within minutes in this fast-moving world? Thinking just that, we bring you ready to use papaya cubes. Order papaya cubes online, and enjoy a fresh fruit salad right away.

Frozen Pineapple Dices

How about enjoying a chocolate fountain with pineapple cubes by its side? Oh darn…!! We’ll have to wait until our pineapple is free of spikes, and is ready to be chopped. Why wait when you can order fresh pineapple cubes online in India? Log on to our website and order your favourite frozen fruits online.

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