Alphonso Mango Pulp

Alphonso mangoes are authentic to the Indian subcontinent. But what happens when someone in the West wants to enjoy the rich taste on a chilly day where no one could even think of planting a mango sapling, let alone eat a ripe mango? Thinking of this, we would like to introduce our alphonso mango pulp to make your milkshakes and ice creams tastier than ever.

Alphonso Mango Slice

Make your fruit salads interesting in the winters as well, now Ganpati Food Processors bring you fresh alphonso mango slices, with the preserved freshness of the Indian farms. Experience the creaminess of these mango slices from different packaging options available online. You can use these slices as whole to add structure to your plain shakes, rabri dishes, and much more.

Kesar Mango Pulp

For those of you who are already missing the Kesar mangoes lately, our latest and fresh Kesar mango pulp is just the thing that you could use. Indulge in a gourmet afternoon by settling in with the rich-tasting ice-cream made from our Kesar mango pulp online and end your day with delicious mango cream in the dessert. Use the mango pulp in your smoothies and puddings as well.

Langda Mango Pulp

Mangoes are a great source of pectin, Vitamin C, and they also help in controlling cholesterol levels. Still don’t want to get your hands on to the langra mango pulp online? Get your dose of good health in the form of authentic langra mango pulp. Add this pulp to smoothies, kulfis, and puddings to make them more lucrative for the food lovers.

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