Scientific Name



Kaghzi, Mitzapuri, Ojha, Darogaji etc.

Nutritional Facts

Wood apple is rich source of vitamin C, Beta carotene, B Vitamins, Minerals & Potassium(K), copper(Cu), calcium(Ca),
iron(Fe), magnesium(Mg) also contain protein and carbohydrates.

Keeping Quality

Normally harvested wood apple fruits can be held for 2 weeks at 86°F (30°c). 4 Months at 48.2°F(9°c) 85-90% humidity thereafter, mold is likely to Develop at the stem-end & any crack in the rind.

Health Benefits

  • It is useful for treatment of digestive tissues.
  • Combat infections from fungi, viruses & Bacteria.
  • It may reduce cancer.
  • Protects our stomach, fight off skin infections, prevents bacteria-induced diarrhea.
  • May aid diabetes management.


Squash, Jam, Murabba, wood apple powder etc.

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